This Is Just A Tribute

In the song Tribute by the ribald and insane comedy-folk-rock-metal group, Tenacious D,  recount for the listener the tale of the time they played The Best Song in the World. At the demand of a shiny demon, the duo, Jack and Kyle, are forced to play the best song in the world or risk having their soul’s devoured. So, the band plays the first thing that comes to their heads and it just so happened to be The Best Song In The World. Unfortunately, after the encounter, The D tell us that they cannot remember the song and so what we are listing too is a tribute to the Best Song in the World and not, actually, the Best Song in the World . Get it?

That’s what this post is. This is just a Tribute.

Last week I determined that I would  publish a blog post everyday for the next month or so.

With this personal challenge in mind I set out to post an article about how I use my Kindle Paperwhite both personally and professionally.

It was the best blog post in the world. Funny. Insightful. Practical. The post was destined to win the Nobel Prize for Stunning Insight…

Then I clicked something… And it was gone.

I had failed to save along the way. What was left was a mere shadow of the glory that had been. Cntrl – Z couldn’t recover it. It was gone. Forever.

To say that I was upset and felt defeated is an understatement. I got up, left my office, and ran an errand to get my mind and heart right.

“I wrote the post. That’s enough,” I thought. “I’ll work on it again and post later – tomorrow or even the next day. I tried.”

No. I can’t do that. I resolved to hit “Publish” every day. Yes, I want to post great content but I mainly want to get back into the habit of generating content and shipping it out. In these early days of this new habit formation, what counts is producing something getting it out there on the blog.

So, here I am publishing this requiem for a lost post. 

I’ll rewrite my Kindle post another day. Until then, I’ll post this. It isn’t perfect. It isn’t the best.

It’s just a Tribute.