Bible in 90 Take 2

My wife and I are once again taking the Bible in 90 Days Challenge.

The goal of the challenge is to read the entire Bible “cover to cover” in 90 days. That comes out to roughly 12 pages a day. We have completed the challenge once before and we have been keen on giving it another go for quite some time.

Specifically, I have been more than a little inspired by A.J. Jacobs latest memoir, The Year of Living Biblically. Jacobs, an agnostic, decided that he wanted to tackle the world of religion head on. He spent 4 months of prep time reading through the Bible and taking note of every command, suggestion, and guideline from the Old and New Testaments. 72 pages later he had a list of rules to lay down as his foundation for his biblical year. Jacobs deftly recounts his trials and tribulations with great detail and more than a little humor.

As I read, I was struck by Jacobs’ joy of discovery in finding how these laws mandated by the Almighty impacted his outlook, personality, appearance, and zest for life.

For the next 90 days I want to invite any of you readers to join us on a journey of discovery. I am a fast reader. Most of these daily readings will take me about 45min to complete. My wife takes her time reading but none of her readings lasted longer than an hour. I am certian that no matter how busy you are with work or school or family that you can find, somewhere in your day, 45min to an hour where you can open up your Bible and read.

By next week you will have finished Exodus. By the end of the month you will have read through 1 Chronicles. By the new year you will be well into Ezekiel and before the end of January you will have finished the entire Bible cover to cover.

Join me in rediscovering why you “have the hope that you have.”

This week’s reading plan:

Thursday: Gen 1:1- 15:4
Friday: Gen 15:5- 27:37
Saturday: Gen 27:38- 38:30
Sunday: Gen 39:1- 50:26
Monday: Exodus 1:1- 14:24
Tuesday: Exodus 14:25- 28:15
Wednesday: Exodus 28:16- 40:21

8 thoughts on “Bible in 90 Take 2”

  1. Scott,

    I am stoked that you want to join us in reading the Bible in 90 days. I have emailed you a pdf bookmark with the reading schedule.

    I promise you that this is completely doable. Stay focused and know that I’m praying for you and will be woking alongside you for the next 90 days!


  2. I am a YM and would like to spend more time in the word outside of lesson prep so this is something i need to do – I would like a bookmark with the readings as well. Thx!

  3. Okay, so I know this is an old post- and that I am really behind ya’ll because I didn’t start until the new year, but this has been a great challenge so far. At first I didn’t like the idea- it felt like speed reading the Bible. But since I already take a lot of time to read individual books in order to prepare for my classes and Bible studies I thought I would give it a try. Thanks for the challenge Mike. I hope that everyone has stayed on top of it.

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