Music To Move By

Two weeks ago I started training for something I have wanted to o for a few years now- a half marathon. I am planning on running the White Rock Half Marathon this December. That means I have 282 days to get fit and ready for race day. I am using the Run 10K app right now to get back into the rhythm of running on a consistent basis. One of the cool features of this app is that a “running coach” will speak to you and tell you when to walk, jog, or run. I love this app and it has really helped me stay focused and on track for my runs 3 times a week.

While the app is great and the “running coach” is a good tool, my energy and attitude are fueled by a great running music playlist. Today, I wanted to give you a peek into what beats are helping pump my legs and increase my heart rate.

Every workout play list I have has a mixture of genres and artist. There are a few songs that get added to my playlists consistently over time (the Main Stays) and there are also new songs that rotate in and out on a pretty frequent basis (the New Additions). Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Main Stays
All These Things I’ve Done by the Killers (Hot Fuss)
Live Your Life by T.I.-feat Rihanna (Paper Trail)
Working Man by Rush (Vault Edition)
Rise Above 1 by Bono, The Edge, & Reeve Carney (Spider-Man: The Musical)
Won’t Get Fooled Again by the Who (Who’s Next)
Surrender by Cheap Trick (Heaven Tonight)

New Additions
We Take Care of Our Own by Bruce Springsteen (Wrecking Ball)*
Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn (Body Talk)*
Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells (Reign of Terror)
Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine (Ceremonials)*
What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson (Stronger)*
All of the Lights by Kanye West (Fantasy)
Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) by Foster the People (Torches)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my listening habits. Add these songs to your running mix and watch the miles add up!

*These songs have a great potential to graduate to Main Stay status very, very soon.